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Derek Uhlman 
b. 1956, Battle Creek, Michigan 
Derek Uhlman is an American sculptor who apprenticed under Reuben Nakian. He received his first major commission in 1982 from the General Food Corporation and created Stone Flowers, a 37,000-pound marble sculpture. His sculptures have been acquired by private collectors worldwide, and have been purchased by the Rockefeller Center, New York; General Electric Corporation Headquarters, CT; Kraft General Foods Headquarters, NY; and Daiwa Corporation Headquarters, Tokyo. Throughout his career, Uhlman has exhibited at institutions including the National Academy of Design, New York; the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.; and the Kouros Sculpture Center, New York. Of his sculptures, Uhlman says,” They comment on the passage of time and the complex relationship between man, society, and the natural world." His works reflect a harmonious balance between what he terms the "opposing forces" of creation versus destruction, antiquity versus modernity, and the universal versus the personal. 

Marianne Rosenberg 

Rosenberg & Co. Gallery

Contemporary Sculpture

Rosenberg Duolith.jpeg


 Alabaster with Gold Leaf 

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